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Life gives us many challenges where we need to figure out a mathematical answer to solve an everyday problem. Most people don't know the complex calculations or conversion formulas to make decisions. answercalc is building a library of online calculators and converters which provide numerical answers to commonplace questions.

How tall am I in inches?

You measure your height in centimeters and need to know how tall you are in inches.

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How fast am I sailing?

Your boat speed is displayed in knots and you want to know how many miles per hour you cover.

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How far is my trip in kilometers?

You're visiting the U.S. and everyone is talking about miles. See how far you travel in units you understand.

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Convert anything to anything


Meters to miles, yards to inches, kilometers to feet - we have all the standard conversion pairs covered between the SI metric system and U.S. / U.K. imperial units. Our unit conversions are contextualized with real world comparisons to give you a point of reference for a length, height or distance.


Are you confused when speed limit signs are not in the measurement units you're accustomed to? How fast is an airplane going at 350 knots in units I can understand. We provide the conversions to answer these questions for you.

We're just getting started launched in December of 2022. We will be adding hundreds of new conversion pairs and calculators over the upcoming months. View our unit converters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about answercalc? Please read our FAQ below.

Our answers are calculated behind the scenes to the highest decimal precision available. When answers are displayed to website visitors, rounding may be performed for clearer presentation. However, full decimal precision answers are always displayed further down on the page. The conversion logic on answercalc is provided by trusted open source libraries and proprietary developed algorithms. All conversion factors are referenced against publications by international bodies like the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and NIST. These references are noted in the citations.

Yes. Please feel free to link to any calculation or conversion answer you discover on answercalc to share with the world. We're here to help everyone understand the answers to their numerical questions.