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Answer: 1.852
knots (kn)
{"answerString":"1.852","answerSymbol":"kilometers per hour"}
1 knots = 1.852 kilometers per hour

Precise decimal and fraction answers

The conversion in kilometers per hour rounded to six significant decimal places is 1 kn = 1.852000 km/h. The precise fraction answer is 1 213/250 km/h.

Decimal Precision

Conversion from one to ten decimal places

  • 1 kn = 1.9 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.85 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.852 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.8520 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.85200 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.852000 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.8520000 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.85200000 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.852000000 km/h
  • 1 kn = 1.8520000000 km/h

How many kilometers per hour is a knot?

1.852 kilometers per hour is the same velocity as one knot. A knot is 1.852 times faster than a kilometer per hour. An object traveling at one kilometer per hour kilometer per hour has 54.00% of the velocity of an object moving at one knot.

Knots to kilometers per hour conversion factor and formulas


The conversion factor between knots and kilometers per hour is 1.852. This represents the ratio of kilometers per hour per one knot. To calculate the value in kilometers per hour, we can either multiply by the conversion factor or divide by its inverse.


To convert from knots to kilometers per hour, multiply knots by 1.852.
The formula is expressed as:
kn × 1.852 = km/h


Alternatively we can divide by the inverse conversion factor to get the same result.
The inverse of 1.852 is 1/1.852 or 0.54. To convert from knots to kilometers per hour, divide knots by 0.54.
The formula is expressed as:
kn ÷ 0.54 = km/h

About this conversion

Converting knots to kilometers per hour is a conversion between units from separate unit systems - knots are US Customary / UK Imperial defined units while kilometers per hour are metric (SI) .

About Knots

Customary/Imperial Unit

Knots are a measure of speed over long geographic distances most often associated with the maritime and aviation communities. A knot is a measurement of distance traveled in nautical miles in one hour. The origins of the knot derive from practice of mariners throwing a wooden chip log attached to a line off the stern of a ship. As the ship traveled forward, the line spooled out and the number of physical knots on the line where counted over a 30 second period to determine boat speed. The symbol for knots is either kn or kt.

About Kilometers per hour

SI Unit

Within the SI (metric) system of measurement, a kilometer per hour (km/h) is the distance traveled in one hour as measured in kilometers (1,000 meters). It is commonly used as measurement of velocity over geographic distances. Kilometers per hour are commonly used to measure vehicle speed and speed limits. The official SI symbol is km/h, however kph and km/hr are also used.

Reverse this conversion

Convert from kilometers per hour to knots instead.

1 knots to other speed units


  • 1 kn = 1.852 km/h


  • 1 kn = 1.151 mph
  • 1 kn = 1 kn

References and Citations

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  2. International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) The International System of Units (SI)

Knots to kilometers per hour conversion table

kn km/h
1 kn 1.852 km/h
2 kn 3.704 km/h
3 kn 5.556 km/h
4 kn 7.408 km/h
5 kn 9.26 km/h
6 kn 11.112 km/h
7 kn 12.964 km/h
8 kn 14.816 km/h
9 kn 16.668 km/h
10 kn 18.52 km/h
kn km/h
20 kn 37.04 km/h
30 kn 55.56 km/h
40 kn 74.08 km/h
50 kn 92.6 km/h
60 kn 111.12 km/h
70 kn 129.64 km/h
80 kn 148.16 km/h
90 kn 166.68 km/h
100 kn 185.2 km/h
1,000 kn 1,852 km/h

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